Five Years

1 Jun 2019

Five years ago, I left Cadence, a company I’d been with in one form or another for almost a decade, and joined Cydar. This was an inflection point for the company; Tom and Graeme, the founders, had proved that the technology the was viable, and had generated initial interest and funding, and started to build a team. The next step was to turn this technology into a product and a business. John (the first CTO) and I formed the core of the development team tasked with the former.

A few months later, we’d expanded the team, put the foundations of the production system in place, and were watching it being used to deliver high performance cloud computing into the operating theatre to provide surgical guidance (to the best of our knowledge, a world first). This was a major milestone, but definitely not the last.

Fast forward five years, and a lot has changed. Cydar EV is a fully fledged product, in use across the UK, US and mainland Europe. The company has grown to several times the six people that it was when I joined, although we’re still in the fantastic converted water mill that we were then. The biggest change for me was taking over the role of CTO in 2017. This has brought with it a host of new challenges, but interesting ones. More importantly, I still get to work with incredibly smart people, on fascinating technology, to an end that makes people’s lives better. All in all, it’s been a pretty good five years.

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