Loot or Fiddle

20 Aug 2011

I've still not quite got my head around the recent rioting. However, I can fall back on sarcasm. So, without further ado, and with a nod to the sadly defunct Brunching Shuttlecocks, I present to you 'Loot or Fiddle'. Simple decide whether the item or the quote in question relates to the 2011 rioting and looting, or the 2009 expenses scandal.

1: A case of bottled water (£3.50).

2: "My case shouldn't have been brought before the court... There are so many others who have walked free and nobody is going to say [anything] about their situation."

3: Women's clothes and shoes, nail polish, baby wipes and comics.

4: A pair of shorts

5: A £2,600 home cinema system

6: "This is copycat behaviour. There's a sense that some people don't have the kind of barriers and discipline that people in the past have been brought up with"

7: Iams Senior cat food (£3.69)

8: A "hip hop" bed (£550)

9: "This is criminality pure and simple"

10: Over £22,000 in 4 days

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