23 Feb 2024

This blog has had a variety of structures since it started, but for many years it’s been whittled down to the very basics: a reverse-chronological list of posts, with an archive. However, as I pick up the amount I’m posting here (both frequency and volume), I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be useful to start adding long-lived summary pages to bring together pages on particular themes.

To that end, I’ve added a page summarising my various keyboard projects. This gives an overview of each project, and links to the relevant posts and external resources.

Behind the curtain, I’m trying out Jeykyll’s data files as an easier way to produce structured pages. The page itself is a Liquid template that iterates over a separate YAML file which looks like this:

yaml - title: Full Keyboards keyboards: - key: corne name: Corne thumbnail: images/keyboard_thumbnails/corne.jpg hero_image: /2021/12/corne_full.jpg firmware: description: | This is the first proper keyboard I made, and is still in daily ...

This turns out to be a good fit for how I think about these things, so I can see myself using the technique more in the future.

I anticipate adding these kind of topic pages as other themes emerge, but sparingly. The reverse-chronological list of posts is the heart of blogging, and this blog is no exception.

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