Hiatus (and return)

9 Nov 2008

When I started the new-look blog, I was aiming to update at least once per week. A cursory glance at the timeline will tell you that, for the last few weeks, I haven’t managed it. I do have an excuse, however - the hard drive in my laptop died a sudden and inexplicable death. I’ve actually been quite lucky in this respect - in the twelve or so years that I’ve had a computer with a hard drive, I’ve only had one other fail on me, which I believe works out at well below the failure rate you’d expect for consumer hard disks - but it’s still a bit inconvenient. While I do have other devices that I could in theory use, you really need a proper, decent-sized keyboard if you’re composing text of any length. That eliminates everything but the desktop PC, which would’ve meant sequestering myself away upstairs instead of being sat on the sofa, still connected to other people. Well, at least it gave me a chance to read more, and get marginally less bad at the guitar.

In any case, I’ve now got and installed a new hard drive (at 320GB and 7200rpm, it’s substantially better than the 80GB/5400rpm one it replaces). Fortunately, I finally caved in and upgraded to OS X 10.5 a few months ago, so relatively recent Time Machine backups meant bringing everything back was a piece of cake.

Now I just need to think of something to write. Damn.

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