JustZIPit - The bright side of hard disk failure

4 Sep 2005

On Sunday, the hard drive on my PC decided to give up the ghost. Fortunately, I managed to get the important stuff backed up before it went entirely, but it does mean I've had to buy a new disk, and spend far too long yesterday and today reinstalling things (fortunately, as I've got the iBook as well, I can do work in parallel, but it's still a pain). Anyway, I was casting about for a free (as in beer) Zip utility for Windows (2000 - I've not got XP), and I came across JustZIPit, a neat little piece of software that disposes of the overdone UI of WinZip and its clones, and replaces it with two actions; click on an archive to decompress it into a folder in the same directory, and select a context menu item to produce an archive from a file or directory. Nice.

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