9 May 2004

The recent Register article about Clicker (a piece of software I'd get in an instant if it supported my workhorse-like 6310i) got me wondering why Apple hadn't done something similar themselves (as they've done in the past with other third party software such as Watson). One thing that did occur is that it would involve writing software for other people's devices (i.e., the phones), and that's something they've traditionally been happy to leave to others. However, there is an alternative route that they could take - the much-postulated BluePod (a iPod with Bluetooth). Think about it; a platform they control, synchronization software that's already written, and an ideal user interface for remote controlling things. Even if they don't enable the personal radio station mode that everyone's focusing on, adding Bluetooth to the iPod would make the syncing of contacts, calendars and other low-volume data easier, and would further cement the iPod's place as an accessory to your Mac (a position that's been diluted a little by the addition of Windows compatibility).

Now we just need to convince Apple to make the damn thing.

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