Friday Morning Grab-Bag

25 Oct 2002

I've come across a couple of interesting things on my daily trawl through the web. The first is a nice article entitled "Top Ten MacOS X Tips for Unix Geeks" at the O'Reily website. A tie in with their "OSX for Unix Geeks" book (which I've not seen much of), it starts of with the mind-boggling trivial ("You can find the Terminal application by navigating to /Applications/Utilities in the Finder. Drag the Terminal application to your dock so you can access it quickly."), but by hint 3 is giving you quite useful tips on substantial stuff like Startup items and /etc. The second was this hint at about getting an iBook to drive two monitors in true PowerBook fashion. I think that my iBook is one of the qualifying models, but given the dire yet plausible horror stories about a botched hack permanently wrecking the firmware, I'm not going to try it until I need to.

In other news, Bluetooth is working like a charm; I've been using it to transfer VCards to and from my phone, and check my mail while sitting waiting for a Neal Stephenson (yes, that's Neal Stephenson) talk to start. I got the modem scripts from, and setting it up was fairly straightforwards; mail me if you'd like more details.

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