Apple Destroys Trees - Film At 11

17 Oct 2002

I've just taken delivery of a D-Link Bluetooth adaptor, which I can use with my Nokia 6310i to get a dialup connection while I'm sitting on a train back from Nottingham. Anyway, if you follow the link, you'll see that it's a dinky little dongle-like device, about 45x16x8mm. It came in a box with the standard page-and-a-half "this is what a USB port looks like" user guide, repeated in a dozen languages. That box was rattling around inside a 350x250x200mm box, presumably provided by the courier. So, assuming that the recipient knows how to plug a USB connector in to a USB port, then we could fit 2,625 Bluetooth adaptors into the box, and still have space left. That seems a little wasteful.

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