SilverService 0.1 Released

29 Mar 2004

SilverService is a little application that I had the idea for a year ago, and I got round to writing a couple of weeks ago. I've tidied it up, and written a ReadMe file, and now I'm foisting it on the world under the GPL. I chose that particular licence because this is something that a) I'd like to keep working on, and the GPL might offer a little bit of leverage when getting permission from a future employer, and b) it's something that could easily be embraced and extended as a shareware or commercial app should someone feel like it, unless of course it's copylefted.

I'm starting the versioning at 0 because there are still some things I want to add before I'll consider it to be complete. One is the ability to manage bigger scripts (as opposed to just one-liners), and the other is some sort of plugin or extension system.

I'd be very interested to hear any comments you have about the software; mail me.

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